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Wherever we are, good lighting is essential in our day-to-day lives. Good lighting control gives energy-efficient and comfortable light well-suited to our environment.

Office environment

Why invest in lighting control?

Energy, people, and performance.

Lighting control always provides additional savings, no matter how efficient the existing luminaries are. About 25% of the energy usage in any building is from lighting; with lighting control, up to 50% of this can be saved. But saving energy is not the whole story. Providing the perfect light for the activity or task dramatically enhances work performance. By adapting the workspace to the individual's needs, a more comfortable environment facilitates greater productivity.



Your all-in-one simple, scalable wireless lighting control solution to save energy and improve building performance.


Elevate your space with the magic of light and intelligent shades. Make a statement and enhance experiences in any environment with tune-able white and warm dimming.

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