Our People

Our products and services are only half of the story. The other half is our people. To support you, our expertise and knowledge sets us apart. That comes from our people, whatever their role or department. Our aim is to support your business, to help you achieve your goals. Your success is ours. All of our people strive for this and no matter who you deal with, you will know that their overall priority is simple: you.

INUK Peter Alloway
07961 311422

Peter Alloway

Head of UK Business Development

INUK Peter Biggin
07778 215764

Peter Biggin

Key Account Manager

INUK Sean Casey
01359 270280
01284 732238

Sean Casey

Strategic Account Manager

INUK OurPeople2
01359 270280

Kerry Doy

Communications and PR Executive

INUK OurPeople3
01359 270280

Jack Flesher

Business Development Executive

INUK Kim Hunter
01359 270280

Kim Hunter

Collection Manager

INUK Stuart Medus
01359 270280

Stuart Medus

Senior Support Technician

INUK Ian Mulry2
07826 527052

Ian Mulry

Home Cinema Sales Specialist

INUK OurPeople2
+441379 649364

Amy Nichols

Strategic Account Manager

INUK Nick Osborne
07795 198657

Nick Osborne

Key Account Manager

INUK Mike Roberts
01359 270280
07795 680110

Michael Roberts

Business Manager

01359 270280

Robbie Russell

Technical Product Specialist

01359 270280

Tanita Russell

Sales Co-ordinator

INUK Mel Smith Kerry
01359 270280

Mel Smith-Kerry

Sales Office Manager

INUK Mark Taylor
01359 270280
07825 559000

Mark Taylor

Commercial Director

INUK OurPeople2

Steve Totterdell

Product Manager - High End Audio