Fortress Seating CineMilano Now Available To Order

 The CineMilano Has Been Created To Deliver Affordable Luxury for Your Next Home Cinema Project.

Fortress Seating, renowned for its premium bespoke cinema chairs, has unveiled its latest innovation: the CineMilano home cinema chair. Crafted to meet the highest standards of comfort, style and functionality, the CineMilano promises an unparalleled viewing experience at an exceptionally affordable price point and is available to order right now from Pulse Cinemas.  


Affordable Elegance

At Fortress Seating, luxury meets accessibility with the introduction of the CineMilano. Upholstered in 100% top-grain leather, this chair exudes sophistication and durability. Despite its luxurious finish, the CineMilano is very competitively priced when the quality and features are taken into account. The pricing makes it an enticing option for cinephiles and their installation professionals seeking premium comfort working within a budget. Contact us for the full pricing details.

Gabi Wolper, President at Fortress Seating, notes, “This will open a lot more opportunities for people that want a fully loaded chair at a very competitive price point."

Indeed, the CineMilano offers all the standard features expected from a Fortress Seating chair, including motorised recline, motorised articulating headrest, a four-button stainless steel control and USB connectivity, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience during every movie night or for the big match.

Mike Beatty, Pulse Cinemas MD, says, “This introduction hits a new benchmark in affordability and quality in the dedicated home cinema seating sector. Fortress Seating has worked its magic again to offer installers yet another option for a wide range of projects.


Uncompromising Quality

While the CineMilano boasts affordability, it doesn't compromise on quality. The softy leather used in its construction is aniline-dyed and topped off with a grain assist for a consistent, luxurious finish. Its supple texture is perfect for residential use while meeting the strictest commercial standards, ensuring longevity and comfort for years to come.

Available in a wide range of elegant colours including Antique, Bark, Chestnut, Navy, Black, Granite, Henna, Ivory, Java, Khaki and Light Grey, the CineMilano offers customisation options to suit every home theatre aesthetic. If the customer prefers a classic, contemporary, or eclectic style, the CineMilano seamlessly integrates into any design scheme, elevating the ambiance of any home cinema project.


Availability and Customisation

Installers can start specifying the CineMilano chairs immediately, with a current lead time of 10-12 weeks. For those eager to include CineMilano sooner, quick-ship options are available. Additionally, Fortress Seating offers a variety of accessories that can be added to the CineMilano for an enhanced viewing experience, ensuring every detail is tailored to the customer’s preferences.


Where to Find the CineMilano

The Fortress Seating CineMilano is now available through Invision Express, just get in touch today to find out more. There is a dedicated page on the Fortress Seating website offering more information on the new design.

As Fortress Seating continues to expand its product line, including plans for a fabric version, installers can expect even more options to create dream home cinema experiences. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on future releases.