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Incentivise Rewards Scheme

Our unique members only reward scheme, lets you earn points on every purchase you make from Invision*. You can then redeem the points you earn on anything you desire. Whether it’s a holiday in the sun, vouchers for new clothes or the latest gadget. Incentivise lets you spend your reward point on almost anything.

Ready to start spending?

Ready to start spending your reward points? Click below and send us your company name, name and the prize that you would like to get. We will check your current points amount and let you know what you can claim.

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*Points can only be earned on purchases of products from the following brands: AudioControl, Autonomic, ICE Cable Systems, LILIN, Luxul, Middle Atlantic, Origin Acoustics, Pro Control, RTI, Sony Home Cinema & WyreStorm.

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Did you say rewards? What kind of rewards can we earn?

You can earn almost anything you want with Incentivise. We’re giving out rewards like Apple Macbooks, Amazon shopping vouchers, experience days, holiday vouchers and many more. Alternatively your points can be used to get a credit on your Invision account for future purchases.

When do I receive my rewards?

To receive your rewards you just need to email incentivise@invisionuk.com with your request to start your claim. We will help you through the process from there.

How do I earn points for my company?

Points are earnt on every £250 spent on any of the following brands from Invision: Autonomic, AudioControl, ICE Cable Systems, LILIN, Luxul, Middle Atlantic, Origin Acoustics, Pro Control, RTI, Sony Home Cinema & WyreStorm.

Who can participate in the Incentivise Rewards Scheme?

The Incentivise Rewards Scheme can be participated in by any Invision UK customer. Not signed up yet?

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I had points deducted from my overall total but haven't claimed any rewards. What happened?

If you return an item, any rewards points earned from that order are subtracted from your total once we process that return. Your current points tally should be reflected accurately in your next Incentivise update email, once that return is processed.

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, please free to email us at incentivise@invisionuk.com.