The Wall

for Luxury Living

Samsung The Wall is a next-generation display delivering previously unattainable image presentation through Micro LED technology.

A viewing experience unlike any other

Why Samsung The Wall?

Made complete with the perfect audio solution from Invision


Trinnov Audio Altitude Processor


K-Array Vyper-KV52 ultra flat passive speakers


K-Array KU26 compact subwoofers

Trinnov Audio have worked in collaboration with Samsung Frankfurt to find the best solution for producing audio using large format LED screens. The Trinnov Altitude platform allows the declaration of two discrete centre speakers, one above and one below the screen. Using the internal active crossover, they are time aligned and calibrated to produce a true ‘Phantom Centre Speaker’ without an acoustically transparent surface. Due to its Linux based software, The Altitude 16 and 32 are the only products currently in the marketplace that have this capability.

Adding bulky loudspeakers on every side of the screen may not always be possible due to wall space so this is where K-Array provide the ideal solution.

Using their KV52 line array speakers around the screen at 40mm wide, they are discrete and almost invisible in any RAL colour finish. Coupled with the RAL coloured KU26 subwoofers mounted below the screen, the complete solution for near perfect reproduction of the directors intended front sound stage whilst using a solid large format LED display can be achieved. With the screen audio catered for, up to as many as 25 discrete surround and LFE channels can be added to create an immersive audio experience offering spatial resolution to any space.

Trinnov and K-Array are the preferred choice in Samsung’s Frankfurt, Milan and Monaco showrooms.

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