WyreStorm Launch Modular H2XC Series HDBaseT 4K HDR Matrix

WyreStorm, one of the CI industry’s foremost HDBaseT matrix switcher manufacturers, has leveraged its transmission expertise with the H2XC Series modular HDBaseT 5Play 4K with integrated audio DSP matrix switchers featuring a selection of customisable multi-format, multi-platform transmission cards.

An evolution of the H2X Series, the H2XC was developed to offer even more pro AV and large high-end residential options for the distribution of multi-source 4K UHD with HDR and legacy video formats, as well as multi-source audio matrix switching to multiple zones, including SmartTV functions and audio-on-demand products.

As per its parent model, the H2XC Series includes WyreStorm’s proprietary SmartEDID technology to dynamically remove conflicts when combining 1080p and 4K screens within the same installation.

Truly modular in nature, the H2XC features a choice of a 10 or 16-way H2X chassis populated by a custom selection of six multi-format transmission cards in any quality or combination as per customer specification. The H2XC features an integrated audio matrix with powerful DSP capable of routing up to three separate audio signals per transmission card (depending on card model), including ARC, HDMI de-embed from video and separate line-level audio only sources.

Beginning with the TX-H2X-HDMI card offering 4K HDR with multiple audio options to 70m/230ft or 1080p to 140m/459ft 1080p. Connectivity includes HDMI In, HDBaseT Class A and mirrored HDMI Out, S/PDIF Audio In, S/PDIF and Analog Stereo Audio Out and IR to zone for source control. The TX-H2X-HDBT card offers the same connectivity, with the crucial exception of swapping the HDMI input for a Class A HDBaseT Input to support decentralised source connection.

Dedicated video and audio cards enable video and audio zone-expansion respectively to allow a dealer to skew the number of AV inputs and outputs to suit the project. The The TX-H2X-VDZ offers HDBaseT In, HDBaseT and mirrored HDMI Out and IR to zone, while the TX-H2X-ADZ features HDMI In and Out alongside S/PDIF Audio In, S/PDIF and Analog Stereo Audio Out.
The final two TX-H2X-VLC and TX-H2X-OM3 cards raise the 4K game with support for 18Gbps transmissions of 2160p 60Hz 4:4:4 and 2160p 60Hz 4:2:2 HDR 12 bit. But whereas the TX-H2X-VLC features HDBaseT Class A transmission to 70m/230ft, the TX-H2X-OM3 instead offers transmission over Multi-mode fibre up to 300m/984ft.

Both cards also feature include HDMI In, mirrored HDMI Out, S/PDIF Audio In, S/PDIF and Analog Stereo Audio Out and IR to zone.

The result is a single flexible and fully customisable matrix solution that replaces what would have been several solutions before. Currently the H2XC is only multi-I/O audio visual matrix device available capable of delivering full-bandwidth 18Gbps HDMI content over both copper and optical transmission mediums whilst handling up to 48 discrete audio source devices to 16 DSP-managed audio zones.

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