Trinnov Altitude16 Launch Event

On 26th October we co-hosted a prestigious event at L-ISA, Immersive Sound Art – a brand of L-Acoustics, in London where the Trinnov Audio Altitude16 was launched. Dealers from all over the country attended this event and were blown away with what they experienced.

The first session of the day kicked off with Arnaud Laboorie, CEO of Trinnov, providing an insight into the history of Trinnov. Their roots and reasons for why they invented the Trinnov brand and products are still quite apparent today with the developments they make regularly and the passion behind all employees we met. Visitors then heard from Carlos Cortes, CEO of L-ISA, where he explained about the company. Sherif el Barbari, Technical Engineer, demonstrated what L-ISA – Immersive Sound Art is with some encapsulated sound clips. One clip was recorded at a symphony orchestra concert, from the conductors position. When listening to this clip it truly felt that you were there, the sound was crystal clear and completely immersive.

Half of the visitors were then invited into the L-ISA mixing room, where Sherif el Barbari demonstrated in depth how a track is constructed layering up the sound to give the full effect. He even had the ability to move particular parts around the room or change the distance that they are from the listening point. The other half of the group where in the main showroom finding out about the Trinnov Altitude16. Tom Garrett, International Sales Manager for Trinnov, went through the details of the Altitude16 and Amplitude8m, then demonstrated what the Trinnov could do with two audio visual clips. After the film clips, our attention was turned to purely audio. Visitors were asked to suggest tracks which were played through the Trinnov Altitude16, giving us an immersive experience from wherever you stood in the room. All visitors got to experience the mixing room and the showroom in full. We then concluded the session with a Q&A with Tom Garrett.

Andy Jones, Home Cinema Category Manager at Invision, said “the Altitude16 is an extremely exciting new product from Trinnov Audio, offering up to 16 truly discrete channels of immersive audio for clients looking to experience the very best solution possible at nearly half the price of the equivalent Altitude32. This new offering from Trinnov Audio presents a great opportunity to introduce clients to a higher end solution at a more cost effective price, offering more discrete channels that the competition, industry leading room optimisation software, and greater installation flexibility.”

Should you require any further information on the Trinnov Altitude16 and Amplitude8m, or any other Trinnov product, please don’t hesitate to contact Andy on 07867 867778 or

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