Home Cinema Design Course

At Invision we have taken special care to develop a course that will give you a grounding on all things Home Cinema.

Through Specification, Design and Installation, this is the perfect course to help you dip your toe into the world of Home Cinema installation.

The course will cover the following:

  • Introduction:

    – What is Home Cinema?

    – Specificying for your customers

    – Initial Design

  • Projection:

    – Specifying the correct screen size

    – Different Screen Materials and when to use them

    – Anamorphic Projection

    – Throw Distance & Light Output Calculations

    – Horizontal & Vertical Offsets and Keystoning

  • Seating:

    – Horizontal & Vertical Viewing Angles

    – Seating Tiers

  • Audio:

    – Speaker Layouts and 3D Sound

    – Speaker & Subwoofer Placement

    – AV Receivers vs. Pre/Power

  • Acoustic Treatments:

    – Acoustic Isolation

    – Acoustic Treatments

Course Duration: All Day

Course Fee: £99 + VAT

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