Artnovion Acoustic Treatment Training

Artnovion Acoustic Treatment Training
Based in Portugal, Artnovion is one of the top manufacturer of high-quality acoustic products. The company’s extensive portfolio includes a range of absorption and diffusion panels, bass traps, portable acoustic products and variable acoustic solutions. Artnovion’s three business divisions –Pro Audio & Studio, Residential & Hi Fi, and Architectural & Engineering – service the needs of a growing international customer base that includes recording and broadcast studios, educational establishments, hotels and restaurants, home cinemas and residential developments, factories and workplaces. Artnovion products are distributed worldwide.

This program will provide a further knowledge of the basics and learning about Artnovion products & brand.

- Product Skills - Design and functionalities
- Product installation Demonstration of how to install Artnovion panels
- Room Acoustics – Maximise the acoustics in residential and commercial projects
- Artnovion Products - Competitive advantages

Duration: All Day

Free Artnovion Sample Book

Course Fee: £50 + VAT

CEU Points: 2

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