Screen Innovations: Black Diamond

Black Diamond® is the most versatile screen solution available for Residential and Commercial applications. Some of the most typical uses are noted below, but this isn’t to say these aren’t the only places one can use Black Diamond®. That’s the beauty of Black Diamond®.

Better Contrast in Bright Environments

We’ve all seen the washed out image from a matte white screen in our favourite sports bar, or our buddy’s basement theatre. Sure with the lights out, it looks pretty good, but the minute you turn any lighting on in the room, your image is lost. Black Diamond® works to negate this issue by preserving the contrast from the projector and allowing you to experience the big screen with the lights on.

Better for Dark Environments too.

The optical features that allow Black Diamond® to reject ambient lighting from all directions also make it very well suited for canceling out un-wanted light spill. When reflected light from the screen bounces onto the ceiling and walls not only does that light end up returning back to the screen and washing it out, but it pushes the screen in the colour of projected light and the colour of your walls.

Benefits in case you’re still not convinced.

Black Diamond® is the only screen material available that absorbs all of the unwanted ambient light in a room, making it a highly versatile screen solution for a wide variety of applications.

Uniquely designed to resolve the negative visual effects that are caused by light scatter, our proprietary ambient light rejecting technologies enable Black Diamond® to absorb ambient light above, below, and even in the path of the projector. Not only does this reduce light scatter over 75%, it also preserve the projector’s contrast by allowing only the projector’s light to be reflected back into the viewer’s eyes. This results in more than a 900% boost in contrast compared to what would be achieved in the same space with the same lighting with any other screen material, paint or surface treatment.

Proudly made in Austin, TX, USA, Black Diamond® screen materials are manufactured to rigorous standards, carry a lifetime replacement policy and are future compliant with resolutions greater than 4K.

Watch the Black Diamond Video

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