Screen Innovations: Acoustic Transparent Screens

Screen Innovations created Slate AT to give customers the best of both worlds; the best image and the best sound. Pure® and Slate® deliver peerless image uniformity and remarkably sharp image reproduction by managing the texture pattern down to 9 times finer than standard white or gray materials. Merging Slate and Pure with our acoustic perforation technology has truly created the best of both worlds, picture and sound.

Crazy Small Holes.

Our acoustically transparent perforated materials incorporate over 28,000 .55mm diameter perforations for every square foot. The precision and engineering of this process ensures our customers’ screens maintain their ALR capabilities without affecting the audio experience.

Acoustic Perfection.

In developing our perforation technology, we aim to ensure our screens have a minimal impact on audio reproduction. To meet this goal, we sent our materials to third party acoustics labs for testing. Here are their results:

The effect of the perforated screen has very little attenuation starting at about 1-2kHz and up. Typical impact on frequency response is well within the -3db range with a peak attenuation of -6db at 20kHz. This difference is easily corrected by most modern receivers with room correction. Additionally, many architectural speakers feature a treble compensation switch to adjust for this type of installation.

Check out Blake’s video to explain more

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