The next generation of HDMI cable is here…

The latest addition to WyreStorm’s line of AV accessories, the CAB-HOAC-20/30 is a next generation active optical HDMI cable designed for delivery of full bandwidth next generation 4K UHD content up to 30m/98ft.

Stepping-up from the standard copper HDMI cables as found in the Express line, the CAB-HOAC-20/30 enables uncompressed transmission of 18 Gigabit HDMI content using the latest optical transmission technology supporting full bandwidth 4K/60Hz at 4:4:4 8-bit and HDR 12-bit at 4:2:2 with HDCP 2.2 ensuring compatibility with the absolute latest 4K UHD content.

A 20mm head with allow cables to be easily fed through conduits, while solid alloy head construction and gold-plated connectors all add up to perfect point-to-point signal extension or connection from a source to WyreStorm 4K UHD matrix switcher or splitter and display device in any environment where copper transmission would be susceptible to electromagnetic or radio frequency interference.

WyreStorm have even colour coded and labelled each end of the cable to make it easier to install, with space on the connectors to mark the source or zone detailed for improved cable management and a personal touch to the installation.

When it comes to aiding control of your devices, CAB-HOAC cables enable simplicity with support for both ARC and CEC control.

Furthermore, transmission of HDMI output from any device can be sent over longer distances with zero compression, zero latency and with no added power – ideal for using any WyreStorm H2, H2A, H2C or H2X series HDBaseT matrix switchers featuring mirrored HDMI outputs to their full potential.

Ideal for commercial application using a HDMI matrix for course switching of 4K@60Hz content, for residential application where distribution of 4K HDR@60Hz is too high for HDBaseT or either application where copper transmission (HDBaseT or IP) would be susceptible to EM or RF interference, CAB-HOAC cables delivers content over AOC HDMI up to 20m at 18Gbps with support for HDCP 2.2, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

CAB-HOAC cables make for the perfect accessory to any WyreStorm 4K UHD distribution and an absolute must for today’s AV projects requiring rock-solid delivery of the latest content over full bandwidth 18Gbps HDMI.

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