Origin Acoustics Launch Acoustascape Outdoor Audio System

We are delighted to announce the release of the Origin Acoustics AcoustaScape Landscape Audio System.

The AcoustaScape™ AS41 System transforms any back garden into an outdoor audio oasis with four 4″ plantable speakers and an 8″ burial subwoofer for extended bass response. Remaining completely hidden in beautiful garden shrubbery, the AS41 System is more sophisticated in both sound and style than your average rock or patio speakers.

Unlike traditional outdoor speakers, the AcoustaScape AS41 directs sound inwards towards the listening area, creating a paradise of sound that goes unnoticed by neighbours. The camouflage weatherproof coating preserves the aesthetic of surrounding landscape foliage and keeps the system performing without flaw in extreme weather conditions. Optional extra Satellite Speakers packs are available to allow extra coverage if required.

The 8″ dual voice-coil A8SUB subwoofer provides a rich pulse of full bass across the back garden through a camouflage tuned port. Embedded directly into gravel or soil, the sub delivers incredible bass while going unnoticed to the eye. The 4 speakers have been designed with full 4″ polypropylene woofers and separate PEI tweeters, the plantable speakers deliver audio with incredible clarity and musical detail.

For more information on the Acoustascape Audio System please call Invision UK on 01359 270280 or email us at sales@invisionuk.com

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