WyreStorm Update

It’s been another busy period for WyreStorm product launches so we wanted to highlight three new products released recently. If you require any more information on these or other WyreStorm products please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01359 270280. (more…)

Trinnov Altitude16 Launch Event

On 26th October we co-hosted a prestigious event at L-ISA, Immersive Sound Art – a brand of L-Acoustics, in London where the Trinnov Audio Altitude16 was launched. Dealers from all over the country attended this event and were blown away with what they experienced. (more…)

The next generation of HDMI cable is here…

The latest addition to WyreStorm’s line of AV accessories, the CAB-HOAC-20/30 is a next generation active optical HDMI cable designed for delivery of full bandwidth next generation 4K UHD content up to 30m/98ft.

Stepping-up from the standard copper HDMI cables as found in the Express line, the CAB-HOAC-20/30 enables uncompressed transmission of 18 Gigabit HDMI content using the latest optical transmission technology supporting full bandwidth 4K/60Hz at 4:4:4 8-bit and HDR 12-bit at 4:2:2 with HDCP 2.2 ensuring compatibility with the absolute latest 4K UHD content. (more…)

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